New York, NY -- September 13, 2000 -- On Thursday, November 23rd, the 74th annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade will showcase ten new elements that will highlight the best of American popular culture from the classics to the Internet! New giant character helium Balloons for Disney's Bandleader Mickey Mouse, Dragon Tales' Cassie, the dapper butler Jeeves, and Ronald McDonald will add high-flying fun to the Parade while Mother Earth, Old Lahaina Luau, Road to the Future, Simple Simon, Three Little Pigs and greendog will "Float" down Broadway. With these new Balloons and Floats, the Parade promises wonder and whimsy as it marches its way into the new millennium!

Leading the way down the Great White Way is Disney's Bandleader Mickey Mouse! In his magical way, the new Mickey Balloon, filled with 14,000 cubic feet of helium, will hit a high note with everyone who has come out to see him on Parade Day. At 40 feet high, 66 feet long and 35 feet wide, the crowds will love every inch of the most famous mouse around! Mickey returns to the Parade after an 18 year hiatus in his new role as bandleader. All decked out in his classic red and gold uniform with gold epaulets, buttons and plume, Mickey will soar into the sky as he keeps the beat with his red and gold drum baton which is 30.5 feet long. Those unmistakable mouse ears each measure 10 feet in diameter. Already a veteran of the Parade, appearing first in 1934 and then from 1971 to 1982, Mickey will continue to delight a new generation of kids in the new millennium. Sponsored by Disney Consumer Products, Bandleader Mickey will have young and old marching to the beat of a Macy's drummer!

Fire breathing dragons are a thing of the past as Dragon Tales' Cassie brings the whimsical world of fun-loving dragons to life. Shy and sweet, Cassie is the smallest, youngest and brightest dragon who lives in Dragon Land, the mythical, magical place featured in the new hit PBS animated fantasy adventure series, Dragon Tales. In the Parade, Cassie is anything but small! At 40 feet high, 68 feet long, she's 27.5 feet wide from wing to wing and has a volume of 13,600 cubic feet of helium. True to character, the Balloon is pink with light blue spots, bright blue eyes and a yellow belly, and is constructed of 1,000 yards of fabric. Cassie wears an iridescent dragon badge around her neck that glows brilliantly when she gains confidence to speak up and believe in her own wisdom. Sponsored by Sesame Workshop and Sony Pictures Family Entertainment, Cassie is an inspiration to all!

The dapper butler Jeeves returns to the Parade this year as the first Internet character giant helium Balloon. Premiering last year as a float, Jeeves is ready to try something new in his never-ending quest for knowledge. A man of discriminating style, Jeeves is dressed in his signature pinstripe morning suit and vest. Always at your service, Jeeves connects visitors asking questions at Ask.com to answers. In honor of his infinite wisdom, the Ask Jeeves Balloon carries the "golden keys to knowledge" in his left hand. The wisdom of the world is a lot to hold, but at 39 feet high, 70 feet in length, 25 feet wide and with 12,700 cubic feet of helium, Jeeves is ready to spread the wealth of knowledge on Parade Day. Courtesy of Ask Jeeves, Inc., the new Jeeves Balloon will be all style from his dapper duds right down to his shoes which are 19 feet long.

The cast of Balloon stars includes Ronald McDonald. With his famous smile and colorful clown suit, Ronald spreads his magical cheer on the crowd below from high above. At 44 feet high, 63 feet long, and 29 feet wide, Ronald returns to the line of march as a new Balloon this year, first appearing in 1987. No stranger to the Parade, the real Ronald made his first ever national television appearance during the 1966 telecast. As an extra-special treat for everyone, the real Ronald McDonald himself will accompany his Balloon, riding in his distinctively shaped Big Red Shoe car. So Macy's has some big shoes to fill -- with helium that is -- as Ronald's Balloon shoes are 22 feet long and 8 feet wide! In addition to his shoes, the rest of Ronald is filled with 12,500 cubic feet of helium. Sponsored by McDonald's Corporation, Ronald will delight all along the parade route as he smiles down upon them!

For Parade aficionados, Macy's merrily recreates the Gnome Balloon, one of its beloved Balloons from the 1940's and early 1950's. A family favorite, the Gnome first appeared in 1947, the premiere year of the holiday film classic, "Miracle on 34th Street." To recapture and recreate the magic of Parades past and to spread the spirit of the holiday season in this new millennium, the world's largest store debuts the fun-loving Macy's Elf Balloon. At 34 feet high, 18.5 feet wide, and filled with 2,100 cubic feet of helium, this novelty balloon, sponsored by John Deere, is a wonderful addition to the all-star line-up of giant helium character balloons. As an extra-special treat, everyone will be able to take a piece of the Parade home with them as Midwest of Cannon Falls and Macy's introduce a set of heirloom glass ornaments, including Macy's Elf, Turkey, Soldier and Santa, that capture the vintage look and appeal of Macy's world-famous Thanksgiving Day Parade Balloons from an era gone by.

The wonders of the world and the necessity for preservation are beautifully depicted on the Mother Earth Float. Sponsored by Maytag Neptune Washer, the float celebrates the bounty of the earth and Maytag's commitment to water and energy conservation. The float features a 28 foot long elegant swan-like water bird. Between its wings, a 16 foot high sculpture of Mother Earth is seen seated against a 22 foot high, 20 foot wide translucent rainbow. In her hands, she holds an urn of flowing water -- the essence of life. From flora and fauna to flowing water and rainbows, nature takes its course in this unique fantasy filled float.

Macy's does the hula! Macy's is proud to present an extraordinary addition to the longest running show down Broadway with the Old Lahaina Luau Float. This beautiful float, decorated with grass hale, tiki statues and a confetti-erupting 26 foot volcano captures the aloha spirit and romance of our 50th state. Sponsored by Old Lahaina Luau, Hawaii's most authentic dining experience located in Maui, this majestic float measures 34 feet in length, is 20 feet wide and stands 26 feet high. Gracing the float will be 24 Old Lahaina Luau dancers who will enchant parade-goers with an authentic Hawaiian hula in traditional costumes.

Keep On Truckin'! Celebrating the fun of the yearly Hess Toy Trucks from Amerada Hess Corporation, these new editions have come to be an American holiday icon. The Road To The Future Float is 32 feet long, 20 feet wide and 22 feet high. This fun-tastic float features toy truck replicas that are eight times their original toy size. On board is the 1982 First Hess Truck, the 1999 Space Shuttle design truck and two replicas of the brand-new 2000 truck! It will be as though the trucks are driving through New York's most famous highways and by-ways, tunnels and bridges with a 22 foot high Brooklyn Bridge replica featured on the rear of the float.

Simple Simon met a Pieman going to the Fair! That's right, both Simple Simon and the Pieman will enjoy the view of Broadway while riding atop the Simple Simon Float, sponsored by Reddi-wip. Standing at a height of 22 feet, and measuring 32 feet long and 20 feet wide, this float depicts this fairy tale classic. As though in a child's dream, this magical fair scene will be decorated by an animated ferris wheel and merry-go-round with sugar coated animal figures, a pie gazebo with Simple Simon and The Pieman on board, and an eight foot diameter pumpkin pie!

Macy's will conjure up fond childhood memories with the classic tale of the "Three Little Pigs." The 20 foot high, 28 foot long and 22 foot wide float will set the scene for the whimsical tale to unfold. Featuring three houses, one made of straw, the second made of sticks and the third made of bricks, the float will glide down Broadway to the amusement of young and old alike. For the first time, the float will set the stage for a "Watch & Win" sweepstakes. Sponsored by Pulte Homes, the largest homebuilder in the United States celebrating its 50th Anniversary, the contest will entice viewers and all those dreaming of a new home to tune in to NBC-TV's Parade telecast for a fun interactive experience. As the float enters Herald Square, pre-registered viewers will have the opportunity to win a $250,000 Pulte Dream Home by answering the question, "Where is the Big Bad Wolf on the Three Little Pigs Float?"

Wowzer! The new Falloon honor this year goes to greendog -- a bold dog with new tricks. At 24 feet, 6 inches high, greendog is one of the top dogs in this year's Parade. A hybrid of a cold air inflatable Balloon and a Float, the greendog Falloon will entertain everyone in the family. Greendog is the top dog in town and all across the country as he is the representative for the new kidswear brand. In white, with a signature green circle around his right eye, this hip and cool dog is everyone's new best friend. Sponsored by greendog, this fashionable dog promises to be the next canine sensation!

Each year, Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade thrills millions of viewers lined up along the 2.5 mile Parade route and those viewers celebrating the holiday at home. This year, the 74th annual Macy's Parade promises to bring to life the holiday festivities for family and friends from coast to coast via the wonders of television. Once again, the Parade will be broadcast on the NBC television network from 9:00 AM to 12 Noon in all time zones (live E.S.T. and on tape-delay throughout the rest of the country).

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