Real Estate Links for New York City

Finding an apartment in New York is nearly impossible these days; here are some websites and publications that may make your search a little easier. You can skip down to Roomate Links.

  • Metro List Xpress     www.mlx.com/ny/
    Metro List Xpress ("MLX") is the premier apartment and apartment-related information, products and service site for Manhattan. With our over 5,200 active rental and sale listings and our related sponsor offers and expert consultation and advice, consumers are able to search, move and settle through the MLX.

  • CityRealty     www.cityrealty.com
    Featuring photos, maps, ratings, recent sales data and other information, CityRealty's New York City Apartment Directory profiles more than 500 of the city's top co-ops and condos.

  • ArdorNY.com     www.ArdorNY.com
    ArdorNY.com is the "New Economy" version of an otherwise traditional real estate brokerage firm dealing exclusively in apartment rentals in NYC. Their listing department places more than 10,000 phone calls to NYC landlords per month so that they can find you the right home. Their web site is highly interactive and features a dynamic database updated in real time. In addition, while visiting their web site, you can create a renter profile and based on it you will receive customized emails of newly listed apartments. ArdorNY.com services are entirely free unless you rent an apartment thru them.

  • The Apartment Store     www.nyaptstore.com
    Free no-fee apartment listings sent by e-mail automatically daily. Site also includes helpful moving resources.

  • Apartment Source     www.ny.apartmentsource.com
    They list no-fee rental apartments and service all of Manhattan. They send out daily web pages to all of their users with pictures, floor plans and the details about all of their newest available rentals. The service is for three months at a time.

  • Craig's List     newyork.craigslist.org
    This site features all kinds of classifieds for NYC.

  • The Coop and Condo Survival Guide     www.coopandcondo.com
    The Coop and Condo Survival Guide is a four-year old internet magazine for buyers and sellers of coops and condos in New York City. Our magazine features articles, updates and checklists on every aspect of apartment ownership. Our straight forward approach to New York City apartment ownership gives buyers and sellers an edge in a very competitve marketplace.

  • Rent-Direct.com     www.rent-direct.com
    The premier NO BROKER FEE online New York City apartment information service covering Manahattan, New Jersey, Queens and Brooklyn. Get 24/7 access to your updates and instant auto updates on all new apartments matching your profile the moment they hit the market. They provide exclusive building and street panorama views, floorplans, interior views, and 7 day customer service. All listing are guarenteed NO BROKER FEE !

  • Rent.net     www.rent.net
    This rental and relocation guide will not only help you find a new apartment, but also offers short term furnished housing to stay in while you look for that perfect place.

  • PeoplesList.com     www.peopleslist.com
    PeoplesList is a non-commercial online community posting site that offers real estate listings, job listings, personals, community postings and a whole lot of other stuff, all at no cost.

  • The New York Times     www.nytoday.com/realestate
    The Times has a special site called nytoday with a fantastic real estate section.

  • The Village Voice     www.villagevoice.com/classifieds/
    The Voice has a large database of apartments for rent and for sale.

  • New York Newsday     www.newsday.com/class/classhom.htm
    Classifieds include apartments for rent and for sale.

  • RealPropertyDatabase.com     w9g.port5.com/
    This site offers a cd-rom that includes information on every property in all 5 boroughs of New York City.


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