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If you need a 24 hour pharmacy, call (800) 748-3243 for locations or use RiteAid's online store locator.

www.MD4ME.com enables users to find the best doctors in NYC for themselves free! The data is based on interviews with over 10,000 New Yorkers and contains patient ratings on over 3,000 doctors. The data contain information about doctors practicing in every specialty, at every hospital and who are providers for all insurers.



NYC Medical Information

Hopefully you won't need to go to the hospital, but just in case... There are 24 hour emergency rooms at St. Luke's and St Vincent's below. In an emergency, you can always dial 911 and the nearest hospital will send an ambulance. If it's not a life or death emergency, call the hospital directly and leave 911 open for serious calls to get through.

Manhattan Hospitals

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