Buy a Piece of the MTA
- 14 years, 5 months ago By Editor
We recently ran across the MTA's Asset Recovery site. The site's own description: "MTA NYC Transit, the country's largest urban mass transit system, has a large inventory of surplus and used material and equipment for sale. Visit these pages to learn about monthly sales of items including: Surplus Bus and Subway Car Parts, Assemblies, and Components; Building and Construction Materials and Equipment; Railroad Ties; Computers, Photocopiers, Office and Shop Furniture, and Equipment; Material Handling and Storage Equipment; Electronic Testing and Diagnostic Equipment; Heavy Construction Equipment; Buses, Subway Cars; Service Vehicles; Memorabilia & Collectibles ; and much more! To find out more, click on a link below or call toll-free 1(800)543-VALU." We never knew you could actually buy some of this stuff. Interested in a set of subway doors? How about Stanchion Pole (I bet you didn't know that the poles in a subway car were called stanchion poles!)? They have it all! See the complete list here. Perhaps you're more interested in some of the more "industrial" surplus available from the MTA. Bus parts, radios, and shop equipment can all be found here. We hope you enjoyed this site as much as we did and maybe you'll find something you need!

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