The Cupcake Diaries, Part 3
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"The Cupcake Diaries," the touring duo of Tippy Canoe and AntonetteG will be performing in New York for two dates: May 2 @ 7:30pm (Tippy on @ 8:15pm) Googie’s Lounge 154 Ludlow Street New York, NY 10002 (212) 330-3002 Website All Ages/Free Show (1 drink minimum) Lineup: Nan Turner, Tippy Canoe, AntonetteG, The Debutante Hour May 3rd @ 8pm Goodbye Blue Monday 1087 Broadway Brooklyn, NY (212) 330-3002 Website All Ages/ Free Show (donations requested) Lineup: Susan Hwang, Tippy Canoe, AntonetteG, Shellhead (Johnny Driver of (ShellShag) From the press release: The Cupcake Diaries bring you sister-like harmonies and a merry-go-round of guitar, ukulele, washboard and bass that propel their Americana sound Antonette Goroch and Michele Kappel-Stone (aka AntonetteG and Tippy Canoe) are set to tour the Mid-Atlantic! They will be performing solo sets, then finish each performance as a duo dubbed “The Cupcake Diaries”. They formed the name “The Cupcake Diaries” when on tour together in the Pacific Northwest. The tour’s final destination: A cupcake bakery in Olympia, WA...and the name stuck. They each have a background in power-pop and melodic punk which adds a sharp edge to their sweetness. Catch a show and be a part of the next chapter in their adventure! (See tour dates below). Former Baltimore native, now based in Oakland, CA, songbird and solo uke-slinger/guitarist, Tippy Canoe made the switch from a 5-piece drum kit with the garage-pop princesses The Kirby Grips (Sympathy For The Record Industry), to a 4-stringed ukulele in 2003. In 2009 she upped the string count and added guitarist to her resume. She’s on a mission to bring sincere uplift in a severely down-slanted era by spreading her hook-laden pop-meets-roots music. Praise for Tippy Canoe’s record, “Parasols and Pekingese”: “Quirky country, sensual lounge music, call it what you will: Tippy Canoe & the Paddleman’s ‘Parasols & Pekingese’ is an alternative to popular country acts and a challenger to alternative sensations such as Neko Case.”—Any Give Tuesday (SEN Baltimore) AntonetteG is a singer, songwriter, mother, writer and world traveler. A vocalist and storyteller since the age of 5, she has delved into various musical styles including opera, musicals, rock, classical, country, folk and blues. Though she has been compared to other contemporary indie folk artists such as Neko Case, Penelope Houston and Mazzy Star, Antonette draws from this broad base of influences for a sound both pleasingly familiar and yet at once all her own. “AntonetteG’s material reveals a variety of influences. The song “My Horseshoe” has a country flair, while “Pretty Pictures” shows her rock side. “No Joy For The Soldier” suggests a Creedence Clearwater Revival influence. The song describes military personnel struggling to adjust when they return from battle, a timely topic given our nation’s wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.”—John Larson, Tacoma Weekly For more information please visit:

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