Upcoming Events at The New York Hall of Science
- 14 years, 3 months ago By Editor
The New York Hall of Science has a number of really interesting and family friendly upcoming events. Upcoming events include Science of the Circus on February 18th and 1 and 2:30pm. A description of this event from their site: "Clowns talking about Newton? Acrobats testing gravity? It's all happening at the circus! Many of the laws and principles of physics, such as balance, gravity, momentum and more are brought to life by circus stars. Join Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey and learn about the science of the circus." On February 19th you can see Polar Opposites. This is a presentation of the Central Park Zoo's Wildlife Theater and the description from their site: "Antarctica and the Arctic Circle are two sides of the world that look and feel the same. Learn about the very different types of animals that call these icy lands home in this interactive live theater show!" Both shows are free with general admission. For a complete list of upcoming and ongoing events visit the New York Hall of Science's website.

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