The Merce Cunningham Studio

The Merce Cunningham Studio is the official school of the Merce Cunningham Dance Company. Although the Cunningham technique is flexible in nature, students learn the principles of Cunningham's aesthetic by taking daily classes from distinguished faculty. Furthermore, the studio allows for students from the beginning to the more advanced professional levels to study in four quarters throughout the year.

Before taking classes at the school, all new students must pay the one-time registration fee and must buy a 10-class card. Upon completion of the series, students may opt to enroll in the Professional Training Program or take classes in the Open Program. Merit Scholarships are also awarded at the discretion of the faculty and staff. For further information on the school and studio, visit their website or contact the number below.

Address & Phone:

SUITE 707 / NEW YORK, NY 10019


Introduction: T, Th 10am-11:15am
Elementary: M-F 6pm-7:30pm, Sa 10am-11:30am
Intermediate: MWF 10am-11:30am, M-F 4:30pm-6pm, Sa 11:30am-1pm
Advanced: MWF 11:30am-1pm


$40 Registration Fee (lifetime)
$100 10-Class Card (5 weeks)
$12 Single Class (after 10-class card)
$10 Professional Rate
$15 Trial Class (one-time)