Razz M' Tazz

The founders of Razz M' Tazz take pride in providing the tri-state area with the chance to study the best of Palladium era Mambo and Salsa, with a pinch of Cuban-rhythmic spice and a twist of American Jazz. Several workshops are available for students from the beginning through the advanced levels. Salsa and Mambo are the two styles that Razz M' Tazz specialize in. Students have the opportunity to take private one-on-one sessions or group sessions. For further information, please contact the studio or visit their website.

Address & Phone:

Razz M' Tazz

Razz M Tazz Dance Company
P.O. Box 1042br> New York NY 10009


For a complete schedule of workshops, contact the studios or locations...

Cost at the Main Workshop:

$20 for Two 1/2-hour classes, plus a group session.