Strange Facts

New York City has long been know as a strange city, so here are the facts to prove it.


The Great New York City Trivia & Fact Book by B. Kim Taylor

"This is where to look for Woody Allen's real name, the date the first sales tax was imposed on the city, which sport was all the rage in 1879, how many names NYC's telephone directory contained in 1880, what Mayor Giuliani's father did for a living, and how the Chunky bar got its name."


Did you know that...

  • New York City was briefly the U.S. capital from 1789 to 1790
  • The Dutch supposedly bought Manhattan from its Native American inhabitants for about $24 worth of trinkets
  • Broadway, originating from Lower Manhattan at Bowling Green and ending in Albany, is one of the world's longest streets at 150 mi (241 km). The official name of this street is Highway 9.
  • Manhattan's downtown southern tip area is predominantly landfill. The actual "natural" Manhattan makes up only 75% of the total area in the downtown region.
  • The Cathedral of St. John the Divine will be the largest Gothic cathedral in the world when it is completed. However, it was originally (1892) begun as a Romanesque design and converted later to Gothic (1911).
  • Central Park in the middle of Manhattan covers a larger area than the principality of Monaco.
  • Staten Island residents voted to secede from the city in 1993, but such a move would require state approval.
  • Origins of "The Big Apple"