Holiday Shopping, New York City

Christmas Shopping with No Money by Linda Griggs
Christmas shopping without financial resources requires you to tap into your other resources -- ingenuity, creativity and humour. This is a listing of stores and areas where you can find great bargains in the city.

The Intrepid Shopper, Yuka Hachiuma
What is wrong with me? Maybe it's the fact that the stores are closed by the time I get out of work, despite the extended holiday hours. Maybe it's the rain that falls instead of the fluffy flakes of snow I long for as I look up at the sky. I have yet to get swept up in the holiday spirit. God knows I've tried... Since the sun shining into my room promised a hiatus from the rain of the past few days, I motivated myself and headed out to see what new stores I could dig up this year. Depending on your holiday shopping tastes, you can either jump to the Original Shopping Guide, Funky Shopping Guide (SoHo only), or Midtown Shopping Guide.

Gift Ideas
If you are stumped or don't have time to shop, these online buys are sure to please almost anyone:

  • Holiday Gift Giving from Electronics and gadgets are always good gifts, and J and R has both great selections and great prices.

  • Books and/or CD's: If you know the person well enough, this is a great gift because he/she may not be willing to treat him/herself to these items. If you are on a tight budget, make a mix tape; it will mean more and be invaluable.

  • Holiday Flowers This is an especially nice gift if you are heading to someone's house for Christmas dinner.