April Fools Day

Happy April Fool's Day

from the staff of
Mediabridge Infosystems Inc.
and The Paperless Guide to New York.

Nifty Pranks:

    For Housemates:
  • Unscrew strategic light bulbs so that they won't switch on.
  • Shortsheet the bed.
  • Fake bugs are good, in the cup by the sink, etc.
  • Food coloring is good too...in milk, maybe?
  • Draw a chalk outline right outside your apartment, with yellow tape stretched over the front door.

    For Co-workers:

  • Get claustrophobic on an elevator or in a bathroom stall, shrieking things like "Oh my god, get me outta here! I'm trapped! I can't breath!" Bang against the door for a little dramatic flare.
  • Invisible ink can go a long way...especially with a long list of verbal instructions spoken very quickly.
  • Be creative with voice mails, emails, and memos. Invent new company policies involving mandatory nudity, sexual awareness seminars, etc.
  • Fill an old mayonaise jar with vanilla pudding, and walk around eating big scoops of it.

    For Crowded Places:

  • Pretend that you are going to be ill on a subway or bus during rush hour.
  • Get a lottery ticket; scratch it off and start screaming and jumping up and down. Yell "Oh my god, I won!" Hug people, cry...Then laugh and laugh.