Cooking for Thanksgiving, New York City

Below is a list of sites with recipes and tips for making your Thanksgiving a tasty one. Head to any of these citywide greenmarkets for farm-fresh produce. For a list of gourmet food shops, click here. For delicious recipes year round, try a free trial of a Gourmet Magazine [editor: RIP].

  1. Butterball (
    Count on the company synonymous with Thanksgiving to have an extensive website on this holiday that indulges the epicurean in everyone. Not only do they list everything from the top ten most frequently asked questions about preparing Thanksgiving dinner, they have a 24-hour kitchen-side assistance number to call when you're in a pinch, as well as some turkey trivia for those who have time on their hands while waiting to baste the turkey.

  2. Empire Kosher Poultry (
    Who would have thought that the largest kosher poultry processing plant is located in the heart of Pennsylvania Amish country? If you don't know what makes a chicken kosher, this is the website to visit. You will learn everything you possibly wanted to know about the chickens with the circle Us on the packaging (by the way, that stands for "Union of Rabbis"). As for recipes, let Bubby give you some tips on preparing the perfect meal.

  3. Epicurious (
    Have you taken on the challenge of feeding a table-full of hungry relatives this Thanksgiving? Need some ideas? Epicurious is the perfect source of recipes for the intrepid chef who actually looks forward to spending an entire day toiling away in the kitchen. There are sixteen different Thanksgiving menus, ranging from "New York" to "Colonial Boston" to "Light," for those who fear the inevitable weight gain during the holidays. Good luck!

  4. Honeysuckle White Turkey (
    There's only a few days left before the big meal, and you're still trying to figure out what size turkey to buy. If this is you, it's time to check out Honeysuckle White Turkey's site for some help. Not only do they give you tips on how to select the size of the turkey, they also teach you how to carve your turkey and make tasty meals out of the leftovers. Having some guests over for the occasion? Check out some of their suggestions for festive decorations while you're at it. You don't have to be Martha Stewart in order to create the perfect environment for Thanksgiving dinner.

  5. Plainville Farms (
    Ever raise an eyebrow in suspicion at the turkeys with pecs as huge as Schwartzenegger's? If you're the type of person who cares about eating low-fat, low-cholesterol, hormone-free turkey, then go to Plainville Farms' website. They have a list of their turkey products, along with their nutritional facts labels so you know which products to buy before heading out to the store. Not only that, they have a list of locations that sell Plainville Farms turkey in case you're not sure where to get yours. If you can't find a store nearby, do not despair, they also have a mail order service.