Singles Adventures in New York City

Giving credit where credit is due is important. An informal poll of friends, mostly male, mostly married or otherwise committed, netted some of the more "creative" V-night ideas. This V-night fantasy is brought to you by the combined sick minds of my good friends J and R, and my work buddies C, M and K. Wishful thinking, perhaps?

Revel in your manhood. Royally. According to J, if you had a girlfriend, you'd be watching some chick flick. So, in celebration of being single, rent every Schwartzenegger, Van Damme, and Tarantino movie that Blockbuster has in stock, and lie around in your boxers scratching yourself. Doesn't seem special enough? Wear the silk ones that you keep buried in your drawer and imagine that the red lip prints on them are real. You can dream, can't you?