Singles Adventures in New York City

If the sight of couples walking around with their hands in each other's back pockets is really getting to you, get out. The airlines are at war and travelers stand to gain the most. Cheap Tickets, a Manhattan travel agency, is advertising a $259 roundtrip fare to London. Granted, the weather is kind of crappy now, but London has two things going for it: it's not New York and you'll be so caught up in the Royal Divorce gossip that you'll forget why you wanted to leave New York.

There are some restrictions. Among them, you have to fly either TWA, Delta, or Continental, you can only fly on Tuesdays, and you must spend at least seven but no more than 14 days. You can reach the very helpful travel agents at Cheap Tickets at 212-570-1179. They are located at 115 East 57th Street at Park Avenue, Suite 1510, or at 1247 Third Avenue at 72nd Street.