New York City Guidebooks for Parents

Kids Take New York
by Christine Diamond, Andrea Moriarty

Finally a "Zagat-like" guide for families. This book has the inside scoop on activities, restaurants, shops and a ton of things I did not know.

Eyewitness Kids' Travel Guides: New York
by Christopher Maynard

Developed especially for children, these colorful guidebooks are bursting with everything the globe-trotting youngster needs to make the most of that special trip. These one-of-a-kind guides are invaluable resources for grown-ups traveling with kids too.

New York's 50 Best Places to Take Children
by Allan Ishac, Katherine Schultz (Illustrator)

Mr. Ishac has captured the best attractions the big apple has to offer a child from the kid's point of view.

Fun Places to Go With Children in New York (1st Ed)
by Randi Millman-Brown

Fantastic guide to cruise the backroads and major roads with a car full of kids. Both the well known attractions and the obscure are covered.

Frommer's New York City With Kids, 7th Edition
by Holly Hughes

I wanted to take my son to NYC but had no idea how to plan it. The book made it so easy; it tells what ages are likely to enjoy the activity, the hours, the cost and even how to get there.

Fodor's Around New York City With Kids : 68 Great Things to Do Together
by Mindy Bailin