NYC Newspapers

The New York Times is the flagship paper of NYC. Each day of the week The Times has a special section like Sports Monday on Monday, the Science Times on Tuesday and The New York Times Magazine on Sunday. Warning: the crosswords are addictive.

The Village Voice is the alternative, non-traditional weekly paper. With everything from personal ads to reviews of modern art, this free paper caters to the younger and more liberal New Yorker.

The New York Observer (click title for subscription information) is the nation's most influential weekly newspaper, The New York Observer provides a witty, insightful guide to New York City and its environs. Read criticism, analysis, and opinionated insight on the arts and industries that make the City great: media, food, fashion, and entertainment, just for starters. Add a generous mix of money, power, and politics, and you've got a weekly editorial banquet, New York-style. Official website at

The Daily News is a tabloid format newspaper that's famous for its comics and good features.

New York Newsday is a tabloid format newspaper with comics and focus on sports/baseball. Good reporting on local issues that affect New Yorkers in their own neighborhoods.

New York Post is a tabloid format newspaper that's been going in and out of bankruptcy for the past few years. Although it's the oldest newspaper in the city, it certainly isn't the most respected.

Wall Street Journal calls itself "The world's most trusted and reliable business newspaper."

Financial Times is a "pink paper" which you can find on the stands near Wall Street; it's a domestic printing of the Financial Times of London.

Amsterdam News is a daily newspaper with articles and news for and about African Americans. It is centered around the Harlem community but covers issues that are city wide.

Canarsie Courier "has been published every Thursday since 1921, which makes it Brooklyn's oldest weekly newspaper. A selection of the most important headlines and most popular columns is now available online."

Forward "Forward is the premier Jewish newspaper in America, and has played a major role in the lives of many Jewish New Yorkers."

BTIMES USA "Financial Times (North American Version) based in North America, lower Manhattan's financial district, has a network with many years experience in media and very professionalism of the editorial team, and the Hong Kong International Financial Times Limited, strong technical support."