Party Planning in New York City - How To

Article by Savannah Mellberg

Wondering How To Plan A Party In New York City?

Party Image: Bounce NY

Planning a party in New York City can seem like an impossible task. There are so many decisions to make from how many guests to invite, what venue to choose, where to get the supplies, to how to find a DJ and caterer. Luckily there are services throughout the city that help with all these decisions which makes planning your party a breeze! We have put together a list of how to plan a spectacular party in New York City so you can stress less about the logistics and focus on the fun night ahead.

1. How to Decide the Number of Guests

The number of guests you invite depends entirely upon how many people you want at your party! There are hundreds of venues throughout New York City that can accommodate any number of party size from small to gigantic. The best way to find these venues is to check out your local event planning website where you can find lists of some of the best venues in the city. Cellar Bar at the Bryant Park Hotel, for example, is a great venue for intimate gatherings with anywhere from ten to two hundred guests so if you're looking to host a smaller party, this would be a great place for you! If you have a guest list of 201 to 295 people, Bounce NY might be a perfect venue choice for you. When you're choosing a venue make sure to figure out where in the city you want to have your party and what kind of venue you're looking for whether it's a rooftop lounge, a club, or a bar.

2. How to Find a Caterer and DJ

Most venues provide both! NYC is known for its hold on the entertainment industry, tons of artists, both up and coming and those who are already well established, live in the city and perform at night clubs and other venues regularly which means deciding on a DJ is one less thing you have to stress about! In terms of catering, most venues have a set menu with delicious food and drinks for you and your guests. Some venues have specific catering menu outlines where you, as a patron, have the liberty to design your own party menu based off the club's regular menu. You can also designate this job to your event planning specialist and make your job even easier!

3. Where to Get Party Supplies

There are a plethora of party supplies stores in the city where you can get balloons, streamers, birthday hats, and more! Depending on where you decide to host the event, it may be in your best interest to choose a party supplies store close to your venue or home. Village Party Store in Greenwich Village is a great option if you're looking for balloons and everything else your party heart could imagine! They have a friendly, helpful staff that will make your experience one in a million. Balloon Kings on the Upper West Side is also a fantastic option with outstanding customer service. In TriBeCa there is Balloon Saloon and in the Flatiron District, check out Paramount Party Supplies! If you're near the Upper East Side, State News has great party supplies as well as stationary (perfect for crafting invitations).

Party planning does not need to be a stressful thing if you follow these tips and/or get yourself a professional event planner to assist you in every way possible! If you decide to take on the event planning responsibility yourself, we hope this article provided the insight you were looking for to plan your perfect New York City party!

Author: Savannah Mellberg is a Social Media Strategist with Birthdays and Bottles, an event planning service in New York City. If you would like to see more of her work, you can find it on the Birthdays and Bottles blog!