Scam Rides From the Airport

Here is the story of Anthony Sumner and his first experience at Kennedy Airport. This could happen at any of the city's airport so please beware:

"When we arrived at JFK at 13:40 we came out of arrivals right near the transportation desk. A man came up and asked us if we needed a Taxi, we said no. A second man came up to us and asked the same question instead of saying NO I said we were looking for Grey Line as per your suggestion! The man produced a card with Grey Line details on it and ushered us off. As we headed for the roof top car park we felt a little nervous. We headed towards a car not a minibus. I was not comfortable with the guy and asked for some ID which he could not produce so we said no thanks and headed back to where we came in. He managed to catch us right in front of the transportation desk where it has a large sign explaining the legality of people soliciting Taxi rides!"

How to avoid this

  • Ignore random people asking if you need a Taxi ride at the airport.
  • When you arrive at the airport go straight to the transportation deskif you don't have someone to pick you up.