Bag Of Money Scam


  1. A person approaches you and claims that they just found a bag of money. They show you the inside of the bag (there might be a twenty dollar bill bundled with a bunch of newspaper)
  2. They say they will split it with you but they have to make a phone call or something - OR - they say they are going to get the police and they need you to hold onto the bag.
  3. They ask for "trust money" from you, so you won't "cheat" them (as much money as you say you have on you at the time).
  4. They leave with your money and you get nothing.

How to avoid this

  • Do not deal with people who approach you on the street, they are the ones who are most likely to try to grab your money and run.
  • If someone approaches you who seems suspicious, tell them that you would be happy to go the police for them.
  • Do not let a stranger force you into making a rash decision. This is how most scams succeed.