Metal Detector Scam

Scenario involving a two person team

  1. You put your stuff down on the conveyer belt and wait behind some slow person with lots of metal in their pockets, etc.
  2. Someone comes right behind you in a real rush, about to miss a flight or something. Since you are a good person you let them go ahead.
  3. They throw their coat onto the conveyor belt over your bags and it all goes through to the other side.
  4. The second person rushes through, grabs their stuff, and takes off while you wait behind Mr. Slow. What you learn later is that along with their coat they also took your bag with your tickets, passport, Duty-free Toblerone, etc.

How to avoid this

  • Keep an eye on your stuff at all times; if you put valuables on the side of the gate, keep an eye on them.

  • Carry important documents close to you instead of putting them in a loose piece of baggage.

Some of these security tips have been graciously contributed by Emil Hedaya.