Brooklyn Bookstores

B. Dalton
Kings Plaza Mall, upper level, northwest corner, Flatbush and Ave U
Typical B. Dalton store. Only things that seem to be said for it is that it is in the beautiful outer reaches of Brooklyn and is open seven days a week.

163 Court St, 718-875-3677.
Excellent selection. Quick service with orders. Good discounts.

Here's A Book Store, Inc.
1989 Coney Island Ave btwn Quentin Rd & Ave P, 718-645-6675
D or Q train to Kings Highway; F train to Kings Highway, bus: B5, B50, B68.
A friendly, interesting, general bookstore. Has a wide selection of new and second-hand books in all subjects.

Judaica World of Crown Heights, Inc.
329 Kingston Ave, 718-604-1020.
This place has a rather extensive Jewish book selection, including Russian/Hebrew and Spanish/Hebrew. They ship worldwide.

Luso-Brazilian Books
PO Box 170286, Brooklyn, NY 11217-0007, 800-727-LUSO or 718-624-4000, FAX 718-858-0690
Portuguese-language mail-order only bookstore. They sell books from Portugal and Brazil; the majority are in Portuguese, but some are in English. Call for a catalog. You can order by phone, or by mail/FAX (using a special order form). They ship within the United States only.

Merkaz Stam
309 Kingston Ave, 800-264-7705, 718-773-1120, Fax 718-773-0090, Also at 4904 16th Ave, 718-435-7115, 718-436-0543 .
Judaica and Jewish religious items. They will do mail order. "The prices seem very good, and they are located right in Crown Heights with apparently a decent reputation around there."

Software Etc.
Kings Plaza Mall, lower level, east side, Flatbush and Ave U
A good selection of computer books in the lovely heart of southeast Brooklyn.

Kings Plaza Mall, lower level, north side, Flatbush and Ave U
Clone of B. Dalton with a different hair color and freckles.
One poster writes: "I suppose that there *are* *real* bookstores here--after all Brooklyn by itself is the third or so most populous city in the U.S. It is just that I have never had the pleasure of finding one. I was spoiled many years ago by a bookstore in Huntington, Long Island called Oscar's. This was at the time that Oscar was still running it, and it was marked by a true love of books for their contents and themselves. Unfortunately those are qualities rarely still found in today's world."

Thanks to Evelyn C. Leeper ( for some of this information.