Queens Bookstores


Barnes & Noble
23-80 Bell Boulevard, part of the Bay Terrace Shopping Center, 718-224-1083.
Far superior to average B&N, has a cafe and a very impressive book collection.

Cambria Heights:

Haitiana Publications, Inc.
224-08 Linden Blvd, 718-978-6323
Good selection of books in French, Creole and English with special focus on Haiti and the Francophone Caribbean. Also now includes Francophone African literature section.

Forest Hills:

Barnes & Noble
7000 Austin St, 718-793-1395


9015 Queens Blvd, 718-760-8011

Jackson Heights:

Butala Emporium (Indo-US-Books & Journals Inc.)
37-46 74th, 718-899-5590, FAX 718-397 0435.
Located in the Asian Indian shopping center of Jackson Heights, this shop specializes in books, magazines, newspapers, audio tapes and musical instruments from India.

Richmond Hill:

Ideal Foreign Books
132-10 Hillside Ave, 718-297-7477
An excellent collection of both French and Spanish books, and reasonable prices. Primarily a supplier to United States colleges and universities, but also will do individual orders.
Thanks to Evelyn C. Leeper for some of this information.