Henri Bendel

About this store:

Leave your beau behind and visit this Mecca of trendy cosmetics (Bobbi Brown, MAC, and Trish McEvoy are sold here). Walk out with the adorable little Bendel shopping bags in which they lovingly package your acquisition--no matter how inexpensive the purchase.

Makeup isn't the only thing they sell here, but you must have a strong heart and a robust bank account to venture to the upper levels where they sell clothes by designers to whom fashion magazines need only refer in the first-person.

Last, but not least, if you ever find yourself shopping on Fifth Avenue and in need of a bathroom, explore the basement level of this brown and white striped oasis where you'll discover bathrooms bigger than studios on the Upper West Side and a powder room immaculate beyond belief.

Address & Phone:

712 Fifth Avenue at 55th Street
(212) 247-1100