Warner Brothers Studio Store

Where else can you pick up a pair of silk Marvin the Martian boxers and Scooby slippers complete with a head and tail for each foot? Everyone knows at least one person who is into collecting paraphernalia related to a specific WB character, right? Otherwise, this store wouldn't be so wildly popular. Most of the merchandise here is the standard assortment of theme store items with specialties such as a section dedicated to bath products including Marvin the Martian liquid soap that smells of green apples, and other fun liquids that come in an plethora of colors and fragrances. If you've spent a day hauling your kids around on your shopping spree, this is definitely a place that will perk them up and make them smile.




  • 1 E. 57th St @ 5th Ave, (212) 754-0300
  • One Time Square, (212) 840-4040
  • Kings Plaza, Brooklyn, (718) 338-5130
  • Queens Center, Queens, (718) 669-6301
  • Staten Island Mall, (718) 982-8905