Morningside Heights, New York

Morningside Heights is an area from about 106th Street to about 123rd Street between Morningside Park and Riverside Park on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. (Map).



  • This is an independent web site dedicated to providing news and information about the Morningside Heights neighborhood.
  • Friends of Morningside Park is a neighborhood nonprofit coalition in Harlem and Morningside Heights promoting community events, recreation and volunteer activities in this historic Manhattan public park.

Morningside Morningside Heights : A History of Its Architecture & Development Columbia History of Urban Life by Andrew Dolkart

"Every town, hamlet, and neighborhood deserves an historical portrait by Andrew Dolkart. His history of Morningside Heights is a magnificent work of scholarship that grows out of a true love of urbanism and a profound respect for the contribution of architects and developers, whether high-mined or not-so, to the vitality of place."