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New York Walking Guides

Why spend $20 bucks on one tour when you can buy a book of several tours for half that? With these walking guides, you can see what you want at your own pace and if you forget something, you can simply look it up. With AudioGuide NYC, you can listen along to the tapes and stop and start as you see fit. Enjoy!
Guide New York: A Guide to the Metropolis
by Gerard R. Wolfe, G. E. Wolfe

Twenty different walking tours of New York's Architecture and History, covering all parts of the City including the outer boroughs.

Guide AudioGuide NYC
by Lauren Hertel

This series of four audiocassette walking tours of New York City, includes Eclectic Greenwich Village, Glamorous Fifth Avenue, Relaxing Central Park, and Historic Downtown. Ideal for long-time residents or enthusiastic first-time visitors. Set includes 2 90-minute tapes and 4 maps.

Guide Frommer's Memorable Walks in New York (4th Ed)

This book is pocket-sized and includes places to have snack breaks along the walks.

Guide New York for the Independent Traveler
by Ruth Humleker

Fun self-guided tours with special maps, step-by-step itineraries and floor plans.

Guide Walking New York: 20 Original Walks Exploring New York City
by George Spelvin, Eve Devereaux, Paul Barnett, and Pamela D. Scoville

Engaging text and good maps from the Walking... Series.

Guide Nature Walks of Central Park
by Dennis Burton

This book gives detailed information about the plant and animal life of Central Park; it even includes the bloom times of the flowering trees.

Guide The Beat Generation in New York: A Walking Tour of Jack Kerouac's City
by Bill Morgan

"This is a great way for Beat aficionados visiting New York to get a taste of the city, and a fun way for locals to spend an afternoon or two discovering new spots and seeing familiar places in a new light."

Guide New York Neighborhoods
by Eleanor Berman, John Coburn (Illustrator)

A food lovers walking, eating, and shopping guide to ethnic enclaves in New York's boroughs.
"An award-winning travel writer and longtime New Yorker, Berman takes you on safe and fun walking tours through the world of food and culture that awaits in New York City's boroughs."

Guide Manhattan on Film: Walking Tours of Hollywood's Fabled Front Lot
by Chuck Katz

"Whether you live in New York or are just coming for a visit, if you've ever watched a New York movie and wondered where a particular scene was filmed (and let's face it, who hasn't?) then this book is a must."

Guide Touring the Upper East Side: Walks in Five Historic Districts
by Andrew S. Dolkart

A beautiful book with a rich history of the neighborhoods.

Guide Walking Around in South Street: Discoveries in New York's Old Shipping District
by Ellen Fletcher and Peter Neill

"The South Street Seaport district in lower Manhattan...has been the epicenter of immigration, trade, and commerce in New York City for more than 350 years and is still home to the largest collection of historic architecture in Manhattan."

Guide Coney Island Walking Tour
by Charles R. Denson

"Descriptions of over 40 landmarks and attractions are accompanied by 35 color photographs and historical images. Two maps, in full color, pinpoint all of the locations. A brief essay on Coney Island history gives tour-goers indispensable background information."

Guide Six Heritage Tours of the Lower East Side : A Walking Guide
by Ruth Limmer

Discover the history of one of the less explored neighborhoods in Manhattan.

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