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Daughters and Mothers

This inspirational book about strong, loving women describes the caring and giving between daughters and mothers. Cartoonist Lynn Johnston, entertainer Eartha Kitt, and former Texas governor Ann Richards are among the celebrity moms who talk about their offspring in candid and amusing interviews, though most of the 30 families are everyday folks.

Hollywood Moms
Their names and faces are emblazoned across marquees and magazines-Susan Sarandon, Madonna, Melanie Griffith, Michelle Pfeiffer-and yet these famous women are not mere icons. They are flesh and blood, heart and soul, and mothers and daughters. This remarkable collection of photographs and comments offers inspirational, candid portraits of more than 50 acclaimed actresses, directors, producers, and performers, each one posing with her mother or daughter.
Mothers and Daughters:
A Poetry Celebration
Mothers and Daughters reveals the full breadth and depth of the mother-daughter bond as only poetry can. From pregnancy to toddlerhood, adolescence to leaving home, grandmotherhood and beyond, and every passage in between, this collection captures the voices of mothers and daughters as they write about the most moving moments of their times together.

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