Pets in New York

Flash, the super cat, at rest.
There are lots of lonely animals living in small cages in NYC. Why not bring one home today?

Note: If you are planning to get a pet at a pet store, make sure that the animal has had all the necessary shots, been tested for diseases, and ask whether or not the animal has been neutered.

The following organizations always have healthy animals for adoption, and the fees include medical exams, shots and neutering.

ASPCA, 424 E. 92nd St. (between 1st and York), 876-7700
The ASPCA has a wonderful selection of animals needing a home. Prices are around $55 for a dog and $45 for a cat. If the animal has health needs, veterinary care is provided. There is a Behavior Health Line to help you settle the animal into its new home.

Bide-A-Wee Home Association 410 E. 38th St. (near 1st Ave.), 532-4455
Bide-A-Wee is another place where you can find the dog or cat that you have always dreamed of having. This is a smaller place, but there's still plenty of animals that need TLC. There is a fee of $55 for dogs and cats under six months ($30 for older animals). There is also a mini pet store on the premises to get you started with everything you need.

If you already have pets, here are some places to get the treats that they love.

  • Karens for People + Pets, 1195 Lexington Ave. (between 81st and 82nd St.), 472-9440
    At Karens, you can find something for both of them! Known for the quality of their grooming care (they use hypoallergenic products), the salon sells its products and grooming supplies plus accessories for people and pets.