Passage to India, New York: Indian Cuisine

For the most elegant dining on Curry Lane, Passage to India is the place to go.

Address & Phone

308 E. 6th St.
btw. 1st Ave. & 2nd Ave.
529-5770 or 475-9827


Monday-Sunday 12pm-12am

This restaurant is run by the Chaudhury family, who also own two other establishments along the same stretch of 6th St. It is elegantly decorated with wood-paneling and chandeliers. A perfect compliment to any meal here is the variety of breads offered. Try the special Nan bread that's cooked in a traditional clay oven (tandoor). The Peshavari Nan which is filled with raisins, coconut and almonds is one of our favorites. Other dishes that come highly recommended include: the mixed vegetable curry, tikka musallam, shrimp sabjee, and chicken karahi. Top your meal off with a nice plate of Gulabjaman, which are homemade cheese balls fried and dipped in sweet rosewater.

This restaurant also caters, delivers for free and is open for cocktails and parties.