Windows on India, New York: Indian Cuisine

If you're in the mood for good, authentic Indian fare, Windows on India is the place to go.

Address & Phone

344 E. 6th St.
btw. 1st Ave. & 2nd Ave.
477-5956 or 254-5739


Monday-Sunday 12pm-12am

This restaurant is run by the Chaudhury family, who also own two other establishments along the same stretch of 6th St. If you happen to be lucky enough to go during the week, the owner's wife Shameen is usually behind the bar or out on the floor with a warm smile. Upon entering the restaurant, you'll be greeted by a very polite maitre d' and escorted to a table (usually by one of the many windows). A large, dimly-lit room is the perfect setting for traditional Indian music and cuisine.

The head chef, Mohammed, has won awards both in London and India for his cooking expertise. Specializing in Southern and Northern Indian cuisine, as well as Indonesian, Mohammed will prepare a wonderful array of vegetable and meat dishes according to your particular tastes. A perfect compliment to any meal here is the variety of breads offered. Try the special Nan bread that's cooked in a traditional clay oven (tandoor). The Peshavari Nan which is filled with raisins, coconut and almonds is one of our favorites. Other dishes that come highly recommended include: the mixed vegetable curry, tikka musallam, shrimp sabjee, and chicken karahi. Top your meal off with a nice plate of Gulabjaman, which are homemade cheese balls fried and dipped in sweet rosewater.

This restaurant also caters, delivers for free and is open for cocktails and parties.