Vegetarian Dining, NYC

New York city also has some of the finest vegetarian establishments in the world. Just try some of these!

Angelica Kitchen ($18 avg.)
300 E. 12th St. (btw. 1st Ave. & 2nd Ave.), 228-2909
M-Su 11:30am-10:30pm
An extensive menu list with plenty of macrobiotic food to choose from!

House of Vegetarian ($15 & under)
68 Mott St. (btw. Bayard St. & Canal St.), 226-6572
M-Su 11am-11pm
Healthy vegetarian Chinese cuisine.

Mary Ann's ($7-$10)
  • 116 8th Avenue (@ 16th St.), 633-0877
  • 86 2nd Ave. (@ 5th St.), 475-5939
  • 1503 2nd Ave. (@ 78th St.), 249-6165
  • 2452 Broadway (@ 91st St.), 877-0132
    M-Su 12pm-10:30pm
    Home made healthy Mexican food. No lard or MSG and 25 new vegetarian menu items, with plenty of Margaritas to go around.

    Thali Vegetarian ($13 avg.)
    10 Greenwhich Ave. (btw. Charles St. & W 10th St.), 367-7411
    M-Su 12pm-3pm & 6pm-9:30pm
    At Thali, expect a small intimate space where you are likely to rub elbows with someone next to you. The food is plentiful and filling. Good karma here!

    Vegetarian Paradise 2 ($6.95-$14.95)
    144 W. 4th St. (btw. 6th Ave. & MacDougal St.), 260-7130
    M-Sa 12pm-10pm
    Great Chinese Vegetarian cuisine at Paradise.

    Vegetarian Paradise 3 ($10 & under)
    33-35 Mott St. (@ Pell St.), 406-6988
    M-Th 11am-10pm, F-Su 11am-11pm
    Heavenly Chinese vegetarian cuisine.