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New York is a music lover's paradise with any and every type of music imaginable. Home to some truly spectacular orchestras, bands and companies, New York also hosts touring groups from across the United States and the rest of the world!


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Popular Music Venues: With the numerous clubs in the city, it isn't hard to find whatever type of music suits your fancy; these listings include venues hosting rock, hip-hop, alternative, oldies, house, electronica and more. Radio City Music Hall and Madison Square Garden get the big names.

Jazz Clubs: New York City is the "hub" of the Jazz World. All the greats made their names here, and young up-and-comers flock to the city for the chance to prove themselves. The list is maintained by Gordon Polatnick, who offers jazz tours from the Village to Harlem every night of the week.

Classical Music Venues: Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall and Brooklyn Academy of Music are just a few of the many classical music venues in NYC. During June, July, and August, you can catch the New York Grand Opera for free in Central Park.

NYC Music and Club Links: You'll find tons of event information through our links page.