New York Headlines

  • Woman to file $150M suit accusing NYPD of hit-and-run ‘coverup'

    (by Christina Carrega, Laura Dimon, Stephen Rex Brown for The Daily News 52 minutes ago)
    A Bronx woman plans to sue the city for $150 million, claiming cops “covered up” a hit-and-run that left her with serious injuries.
  • Protesters Gather to Support the Press, From Fox News to The New York Times

    (by SARAH MASLIN NIR for The New York Times an hour ago)
    Demonstrators in defense of a free press gathered outside the offices of The New York Times in Manhattan on Sunday.
  • Squirrel Hunt in Western New York Draws Ire of Animal Lovers

    (by JESSE McKINLEY for The New York Times an hour ago)
    A team of women known as “squirrel girls” helped weigh animals on digital scales at the annual Squirrel Slam in Brockport, N.Y., on Saturday.
  • Trump to Ask for Sharp Increases in Military Spending, Officials Say

    (by GLENN THRUSH and KATE KELLY for The New York Times 2 hours ago)
    President Trump with the director of the Office of Management and Budget, Mick Mulvaney, left, and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, right, at the White House last week.
  • Volunteers at UWS Synagogue Prepare 1,000 Pounds of Veggies for Purim Meals for Masbia Soup Kitchen Network

    (by Tara Lynn Wagner for NY1 News 2 hours ago)
    Dozens of volunteers at an Upper West Side Synagogue spent the day slicing and dicing for a good cause.
  • On Anniversary of 1993 WTC Attack, Ceremony Honoring Victims Held at 9/11 Memorial

    (by Gene Apodaca for NY1 News 2 hours ago)
    Six people were killed when a 1,200 pound truck bomb exploded in a parking garage underneath the Twin Towers on February 26th, 1993 ? a ceremony was held Sunday afternoon at the 9/11 Memorial to remember the victims.
  • Schools ad attacks Cuomo by comparing him to Trump

    (by Kenneth Lovett for The Daily News 2 hours ago)
    A public education advocacy group seeking to boost school funding is set to unleash an attack video likening Cuomo to Trump.
  • These New York women thrive in male-dominated industries

    (by Vicki Salemi for The New York Post 2 hours ago)
    The Oscar-nominated film “Hidden Figures” highlights three African-American female mathematicians integral to NASA’s skyrocketing success and, while the movie was set almost 60 years ago, there’s still a great need for brilliant talent within the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields that women can and should aspire to join. Per 2016 data, nearly 80...
  • This kitten is the NYPD’s friskiest officer

    (by Abigail Gepner, Natalie O'Neill for The New York Post 3 hours ago)
    He’s on paw-trol. Brooklyn cops found an adorable orphaned kitten at their police station house, so they convinced their boss to adopt him as their collective pet, precinct mascot and morale-booster. Martin the six-month-old tabby is feline fine about his cushy new life at Coney Island’s 60th precinct, where he spends his days hunting mice,...
  • Father of Commando Killed in Yemen Refused to Meet Trump

    (by ERIC SCHMITT for The New York Times 3 hours ago)
    Marine One, carrying President Trump, arrived at Dover Air Force Base this month to be present as the body of Chief Petty Officer William Owens was returned to the United States.
  • Plane carrying 3 crashes on Long Island

    (by David K. Li for The New York Post 4 hours ago)
    A small plane crashed in Westhampton on Sunday, federal and local officials said. The Navion F had three people aboard as it was practicing landings and takeoffs at Gabreski Airport when it crashed at about 11:40 a.m., according to the FAA. The conditions of those on board weren’t immediately disclosed. “The FAA is en route...
  • Trump Embraces ‘Enemy of the People,’ a Phrase With a Fraught History

    (by ANDREW HIGGINS for The New York Times 4 hours ago)
    President Trump on Friday at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Oxon Hill, Md.
  • Rookie Cop, Shot 29 Years ago While Guarding a Witness, Honored at Queens Memorial Sunday

    (by NY1 News for NY1 News 4 hours ago)
    A memorial service in Queens Sunday honored a rookie NYPD officer shot to death 29 years ago.
  • Drone crashes through Kips Bay woman's apartment window

    (by LAURA DIMON for The Daily News 6 hours ago)
    Drone warfare came to a Kips Bay high-rise when a remote-control model crashed through a 66-year-old woman’s window, police said Sunday.
  • Sunday Routine: How André Holland Spends the Day: Onstage, and on His Couch

    (by JOHN LELAND for The New York Times 2 days, 11 hours ago)
    The actor André Holland heading to the Samuel J. Friedman Theater in Manhattan, where he is starring in August Wilson’s play “Jitney.”
  • Trump, Putin, and the New Cold War

    (by Evan Osnos, David Remnick, and Joshua Yaffa for The New Yorker 2 days, 14 hours ago)
    1. Soft Targets On April 12, 1982, Yuri Andropov, the chairman of the K.G.B., ordered foreign-intelligence operatives to carry out “active measures”—aktivniye meropriyatiya—against the reëlection campaign of President Ronald Reagan. Unlike classic espionage, which involves the collection of foreign secrets, active measures aim at influencing events—at undermining a rival power with forgeries, front groups, and countless other techniques honed during ...
  • Europe’s Child-Refugee Crisis

    (by Lauren Collins for The New Yorker 6 days, 21 hours ago)
    Wasil awoke to the sound of a knife ripping through nylon. Although he was only twelve years old, he was living alone in a small tent at a refugee camp in Calais, France, known as the Jungle. Men entered his tent; he couldn’t tell how many. A pair of hands gripped his throat. He shouted. It was raining, and the ...

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