New York Headlines

  • New York Today: New York Today: All Eyes on Tennis

    (by ALEXANDRA S. LEVINE for The New York Times 27 minutes ago)
    Opening serves.
  • Williams Sisters Among Big Names at U.S. Open Today

    (by NY1 News for NY1 News an hour ago)
    At the U.S. Open today in Queens, Venus and Serena Williams are scheduled to play their first matches of the tournament, and men's second seed Andy Murray is set to play tonight.
  • Water Main Break Sinkhole Swallows Car on Upper West Side

    (by NY1 News for NY1 News 2 hours ago)
    Crews are working to repair Monday night's water main break on the Upper West Side that caused a giant sinkhole to open up, swallowing a BMW parked on the street.
  • Dilma Rousseff, Huma Abedin, Gene Wilder: Your Tuesday Briefing

    (by ADEEL HASSAN for The New York Times 2 hours ago)
    Dilma Rousseff, the suspended president of Brazil, at her impeachment trial in Brasília on Monday.
  • On Washington: Harry Reid and Koch Brothers Wage Proxy War for a Nevada Senate Seat

    (by CARL HULSE for The New York Times 4 hours ago)
    Senator Harry Reid, Democrat of Nevada and the minority leader, at an awards dinner last week for Battle Born Progress in Las Vegas. He is retiring from the Senate.
  • NYDN back pages of 2016

    (by for The Daily News 4 hours ago)
    Take a look at the Daily News' sports-related back pages of 2016 ...
  • NYDN front pages of 2016

    (by for The Daily News 4 hours ago)
    Take a look at the Daily News' front pages of 2016 ...
  • UWS street nearly swallows SUV whole after water-main break

    (by Amanda Woods for The New York Post 6 hours ago)
    This SUV was swallowed up by the street on the Upper Wet, uh, West Side Monday night when flooding from a water-main break opened a sinkhole. The main burst at West 89th Street and Amsterdam Avenue at around 9 p.m., the FDNY said. Crews were able to shut off the water at around 11:30 p.m....
  • Distressed woman pulled from brink of East Village building roof

    (by JOHN ANNESE for The Daily News 7 hours ago)
    A 38-year-old woman was pulled from the brink by a group of police officers Monday.
  • Cops: Subway groper told victim to ‘give my regards to the NYPD’

    (by Amanda Woods for The New York Post 7 hours ago)
    Cops are looking for a man who allegedly groped another man on a Manhattan train over the weekend and told the victim to “give my regards to the NYPD.” The 36-year-old victim was standing on a southbound A train near the Columbus Circle station with his wife and two daughters on Sunday at about 2:40...
  • New Yorkers can pay for uberPOOL with pre-tax income

    (by Danielle Furfaro for The New York Post 7 hours ago)
    Everybody into the Uber pool. New Yorkers will be able to pay for the car service’s ride-share program using pre-tax income beginning on Wednesday, The Post has learned. The program is part of an agreement between Uber and WageWorks. “This partnership will make our riders’ commutes easier by allowing them to use pre-tax benefits to...
  • Race to Replace Sheldon Silver Reflects His District’s Ethnic Diversity

    (by LIZ ROBBINS for The New York Times 12 hours ago)
    The six candidates vying to fill Sheldon Silver’s Assembly seat at a debate this month. From left, Don Lee, Gigi Li, Alice Cancel, Paul Newell, Yuh-Line Niou and Jenifer Rajkumar.
  • ‘The Market Is Saturated’: Brooklyn’s Rental Boom May Turn Into a Glut

    (by CHARLES V. BAGLI for The New York Times 12 hours ago)
    A residential tower under construction at 300 Ashland Place near the Brooklyn Academy of Music. A spate of new buildings in the area has pushed landlords to offer breaks on rent, including one and two months free in some cases.
  • Hillary Clinton Piles Up Research in Bid to Needle Donald Trump at First Debate

    (by PATRICK HEALY and MATT FLEGENHEIMER for The New York Times 13 hours ago)
    Donald J. Trump at a Republican presidential debate in March in Detroit. Mr. Trump spent hours with his debate team the past two Sundays, but he said, “I believe you can prep too much for those things.”
  • After the Revolutions

    (by Joshua Yaffa for The New Yorker 1 day, 9 hours ago)
    When Sergii Leshchenko was at university, in Ukraine, he dreamed of working in television news. He is the son of two Soviet-trained engineers, and grew up in Kiev, where he studied journalism. He aspired to become an on-air correspondent, but his speech was mumbly and imprecise. After an unsuccessful summer internship at a local news channel, in 2000, he heard ...

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