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  • EXCLUSIVE: Woman's hammer-wielding killer is found mentally unfit for trial, held in psychiatric hospital

    (by Christina Carrega for The Daily News 22 hours from now)
    A man who snatched a Brooklyn neighbor from her apartment and beat her to death with a hammer was found mentally unfit Tuesday to stand trial. Ryan Wilson, 32, was indicted on a second-degree murder charge in the death of Gladys Byers, 68. Wilson allegedly went berserk with a hammer and smashed...
  • Trump Now Says He Accepts U.S. Intelligence Reports on Russian Election Meddling

    (by MARK LANDLER and MAGGIE HABERMAN for The New York Times 5 minutes ago)
    Mr. Trump was widely criticized — including by many in his own party — for what had been viewed as his unprecedented deference to the Russian president on Monday.
  • Democrats Demand Action to Punish Trump, but G.O.P. Is Cautious

    (by NICHOLAS FANDOS and SHERYL GAY STOLBERG for The New York Times 24 minutes ago)
    Senator Chuck Schumer, the Democratic leader, called for actions that include hearings with Trump administration officials and strengthening sanctions on Russia.
  • Trump Says He Misspoke About Russian Election Meddling

    (by for The New York Times 49 minutes ago)
    A day after President Trump’s remarks alongside President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia led to harsh criticism, Mr. Trump said that he accepts the findings of American intelligence agencies that Russia interfered with the 2016 presidential election.
  • Over half of NYC neighborhoods leave disabled people stranded

    (by Danielle Furfaro for The New York Post 53 minutes ago)
    More than half of the city’s neighborhoods are “transit deserts” — with no accessibility to the subways — for disabled and elderly residents, a new report shows. In total, 62 out of the 122 neighborhoods served by the subway system do not have any accessible stations, according to figures released by city Comptroller Scott Stringer’s...
  • NYPD to assign more investigators to sex assault cases

    (by Georgett Roberts, Stephanie Pagones for The New York Post 55 minutes ago)
    The NYPD’s top cop said Tuesday the department is working to assign more investigators to work on sex assault complaints, which are “up considerably” from previous reporting periods. “We’re looking for increased reporting,” Police Commissioner James O’Neill said at the City & State’s Protecting New York Summit at Baruch College. “We need to assign more...
  • More people died in NYC from drug overdoses than car crashes

    (by Georgett Roberts, Ben Feuerherd for The New York Post an hour ago)
    The number of people who died from opioid use in the city last year was more than five times the amount killed in driving accidents, Police Commissioner James O’Neill said Tuesday. “We don’t have the final numbers for 2017, but it probably looks like it’s going to be 1,600 died from overdoses,” O’Neill said at...
  • Martin Shkreli's lawyer wants no prison time, says 'Pharma Bro' was mastermind behind fraud crimes

    (by Andrew Keshner for The Daily News an hour ago)
    He was a good man who got mixed up with a biotech bad boy. Evan Greebel’s lawyers are pleading for their client to skip prison time, saying he got sucked into disgraced pharmaceutical executive Martin Shkreli’s crimes. “The good from Evan’s life dramatically outweighs the bad and justifies a probationary...
  • Man run over by M train in Queens

    (by Dan Rivoli, Thomas Tracy for The Daily News an hour ago)
    A man was mowed down by an oncoming M train in Queens on Tuesday, officials said. The straphanger was hit by the train at the Forest Ave. station near Putnam Ave. about 1:40 p.m., horrified witnesses told police. First responders shut off the power to the tracks and pulled the man from underneath...
  • Guilty, Again: Dean Skelos, Former Senate Leader, Is Convicted of Corruption in Retrial

    (by VIVIAN WANG for The New York Times 2 hours ago)
    Dean Skelos was found guilty of wielding his political clout to pressure business executives to send his son around $300,000 for a patchwork of no-show or low-show jobs.
  • Mariia Butina and the Open Secrets of the Russia Scandal

    (by Eric Lach for The New Yorker 2 hours ago)
    Eric Lach on Mariia Butina, the founder of a Russian gun-rights group who has been charged with conspiracy to act as an agent of Russia in the United States.
  • How Putin and Trump Each Lied in Helsinki

    (by Masha Gessen for The New Yorker 2 hours ago)
    Masha Gessen on Trump and Putin’s joint press conference in Helsinki: “Trump’s denials and deflections sound hysterical; Putin creates a sense of boring and hopeless unreality.”
  • Kushners Sought to Oust Rent-Regulated Tenants, Suit Says

    (by CHARLES V. BAGLI for The New York Times 4 hours ago)
    A group of current and former tenants at 184 Kent Avenue in Brooklyn, which is owned by the Kushner Companies, filed a lawsuit that claimed the developer tried to drive them out of the building using tactics like “loud and obnoxious drilling.”
  • Donald Trump’s Disastrous Trip to Europe

    (by John Cassidy for The New Yorker 7 hours ago)
    John Cassidy writes about President Donald Trump’s trip to Europe, in which in alienated NATO allies and forged a closer relationship to Russian President Vladimir Putin.
  • Police Dept. Gives Federal Investigators Ultimatum in Eric Garner Case

    (by BENJAMIN WEISER and J. DAVID GOODMAN for The New York Times 21 hours ago)
    The Rev. Al Sharpton with Gwen Carr, the mother of Eric Garner, in Harlem on Monday.

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