New York City Bridges and Tunnels

  1. George Washington Bridge connects upper Manhattan to Fort Lee New Jersey.

  2. Third Avenue Bridge

  3. Willis Avenue Bridge

  4. Triborough Bridge (RFK Triborough Bridge) connects Manhattan, Queens, and The Bronx, and leads into the Grand Central Parkway

  5. Queensborough Bridge aka: 59th Street Bridge

  6. Queens Midtown Tunnel

  7. Lincoln Tunnel connects midtown Manhattan to Weehawken New Jersey.

  8. Williamsburgh Bridge connects lower Manhattan and Brooklyn.

  9. Holland Tunnel connects lower Manhattan to New Jersey.

  10. Manhattan Bridge connects lower Manhatten and Brooklyn.

  11. Brooklyn Bridge connects lower Manhattan and Brooklyn.

  12. Brooklyn Battery Tunnel
  13. Goethals Bridge connects Staten Island and Elizabeth New Jersey

Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority is responsible for all toll bridges and tunnels between Queens and Manhattan; visit them at

The Department of Transportation has a section on bridges on their homepage at