The New York City Subway System

The New York City subway system is one of the most efficient people transports in the entire world. The hot and dingy subway system of the 1970's has been completely renovated into a safe, convenient and comfortable mode of transportation between nearly all areas of New York City. Over 4.3 million people ride the subway system every day; over 1 billion people go through the turnstiles per year! While minor theft and homelessness still abound, the subway is a much better place than was predicted back in the financially troubled days of the city.


The primary method of fare payment is the Metrocard. All subway stations and busses are now Metrocard capable. Tokens are also available, and cost $2.00 each.

Metrocards can be bought on a pay-per-ride basis ($2.00 per ride) or an unlimited ride basis. With pay-per-ride, you get 11 rides for the price of ten and you can add more money to your card if need be. With unlimited ride Metrocards, you can get a 30 day card, a 7 day card, or a 1 day Fun Pass.

Children under 44" tall ride for free; senior citizens and disabled people ride for a reduced fare.

Metropolitan Transportation Authority

The MTA has a great webpage with tons of info and subway maps. For Passenger Information, call (718) 330-1234 or (718) 330-4847 (Non-English speaking).

Other Numbers:

Long Island Railroad: (718) 217-5477
Metro-North Railroad: (800) Metroinfo