Safety and Survival Guide, New York City

"New York is the city of right angles and tough, damaged people." -Pete Hamill

Whether you are living in New York or just visiting, street smarts will definitely help you feel more at home.

Finding a Bathroom:

First things first. If you have to go to the bathroom, try a Barnes & Nobles, or a Starbuck's Coffee. Both usually have reasonably clean bathrooms, but your mileage may vary. At Starbuck's you'll need to ask for a key, maybe even buy something.

Avoid empty subway cars

ride with many people or in the conductor's car (usually the middle car of the train).

Never display large amounts of cash out in the open

Don't keep your wallet in the back pocket of your pants or in a backpack

Moving the wallet to the front pocket of your pants will reduce your chance of being pick-pocketed.

Be aware of your wallet or purse in commotions

Pick pockets often use helpers to create a disturbance nearby.

Telephone information from a payphone is free

Simply dial 555-1212 on any pay phone and ask for the number of the business or person you are looking for. You don't need to put in any change.

More general safety tips for first time visitors...