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At the American Museum of Natural History

Scales of the Universe Scales of the Universe
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Connecting the Past to the Future

The Scales of the Universe, a 400-foot-long walkway on the second level, uses the Hayden Sphere to illustrate the astounding range of sizes in the universe. Seamlessly combining astronomy, molecular biology and particle physics, the exhibit offers visitors a way to understand the sizes of the observable universe, galaxies, stars, planets, and other objects down to the smallest subatomic particles. For example, when the Hayden Sphere is the sun, the Earth is a ten inch sphere along the pathway. The perfectly rendered models of Jupiter and Saturn soaring overhead are a wonderful piece of what is by far the most creative exhibit in the new Rose Center.

The Gottesman Hall of Planet Earth bridges the gap between the ultra-new Rose Center and the 130 year old museum. By maintaining the wonderful organic textures and intimate feel that characterize the Museum of Natural History, the curators nestle technology within richly visual exhibits and effectively include current events within the overall historical survey. Upon entering the hall, you will see an eight-foot globe with an internal projection system representing the view of earth from space. Seated in the amphitheater below, you can watch the Earth's oceans forming and receding as clouds sweep the surface of the rotating planet.

The dynamic history of our planet is told through well presented exhibits on volcanoes, storms and earthquakes that interweave video clips, geological equipment and exquisitely beautiful rock samples. The "Earth Event Wall", a compliment to the "AstroBulletin", is a seven-by-twelve-foot digital video offering continually updated, in-depth explanations of global events and reports on NASA's satellite investigations of the Earth.

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